Good Food and Nutrition Group.


Group Leader:        Christine Morrison

Mobile:                      07988 204043




If you have any suggestions for future meetings, I would appreciate your input.



Date:                Friday, 16 November 2018

Venue:            Comber Community Centre, Parkway

Time:               11:30 hrs

Speaker:         Fred Strickland

We will hear about Fred’s traditional griddle bread making and sample some of his delicious soda bread, potato bread and lots more.  Tea and coffee will be provided.


Date:              Friday, 18 January 2019

Venue:           Comber Community Centre, Parkway, Comber

Time:             11:30 hrs

Speaker:       Joe Trewellard, (Bara Bakehouse)

 Joe will talk about the process of creating your own sourdough starter and the history of naturally leavened bread. There will be hand on experience in mixing a dough by hand as well as final shaping of a starter.  We will have a lot of sourdough types to try on the day as well as some lovely handmade buns to accompany your tea/coffee.

 Advisable to bring an apron to help keep your clothes from getting too floury

 There will also be a sourdough starter kit available to buy on the day, which includes some of your own starter to take home, a banneton for proving and the essential dough scraper.


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