Technology Group

Our next monthly meeting is on:

Friday 9th March at 10.30 am upstairs in McBride’s, Comber

At this monthly meeting we will be considering Podcasts. These are digital audio files that we can get from the internet for entertainment and learning. For example we can get podcasts of BBC radio programmes to download and listen to when we want. And these are often in a series and we can have each episode downloaded automatically.

We will look at the range of podcasts available and hopefully members will tell us of their favourite podcasts.

We will also look at downloading similar audio files of learning material, such as we have with our Spanish Course, to computer and mobile devices including memory sticks for use in the car.

Another item we said we would cover is ICE. ICE is ‘In Case of Emergency’ and we can have our emergency contact (and some medical information if we want) easily accessible on our phones for those coming to our aid in emergency situations.

As before we have use of the bar’s broadband so bring along your smartphones and tablets – make sure they are well charged up. The bar will also provide us with tea or coffee. There will be a charge of £2 each to cover the provision of the facilities and refreshments.

Hopefully you will be able to attend and join in the discussion.

Jim Torney


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